Banwood is a lifestyle brand with a passion for creating top-class cycling products for children. Their core values are safety, high quality and timeless design and they are focused on creating the finest bikes that are as safe as they are stylish.  

Banwood's products have been developed emphasizing quality, safety and timeless Scandinavian style. Banwood's products are contemporary with a touch of retro charm. The key words during the whole design process have been simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Classic bicycle

The children's classic bicycles are designed from durable top-class materials. The frame is steel and the handlebars are aluminum. The saddle and the grips are made from premium synthetic leather that is suitable for all weather conditions. The detachable basket is an essential for days of adventures.


Banwood's children's tricycles are perfect for adventure even for the youngest in the family who are just learning how to ride. The three wheeler is designed to last several generations. 

Balance Bike

Banwood's vintage Balance Bike is a safe and comfortable option for the little ones in the family. The balance bike helps develop balance and control. 


Banwood's three wheeled scooters have been designed emphasizing timeless design, quality and safety. Banwoods own patented Easy Ride Steering System makes it easier to steer the scooter. Its unique control system adjusts the turning range of the front wheels, making turning easier.


Banwood children's helmets are ideal for keeping little cyclists safe on their adventures. They feature a durable ABS outer shell for maximum protection and a street-style design in a variety of stylish colors.