From Ekoala's collection you can find BIOplastic eating products and chew toys. Ekoala is ideal for responsible consumers who want to leave a better world for future generations and at the same time offer a safe product for the child. 

Ekoala's products are made using organic raw materials; starch, cellulose and vegetable oils. Altho the products might resemble traditional plastics at first glance, its chemical composition is different. The prooducts are BIOplastic so it does not contain melamine, phthalates or PVC at all. The plant based sustainable material, BIOplastic, is 100% biodegradable thanks to its organic raw materials.

"We strongly believe in an eco-friendly future"

BIOplastic tablewear

In the design of Ekoala's eatin utensils, the child's desire to eat independently has been taken into account.

The entire Ekoala serie has gone through strict laboratory tests that guarantee complete non-toxicity and prove that it is 100% safe for our children. 

The products are hand-washable, with the exception of  EKOfood products, but they can withstand heating food in a microwave.

EkoFood products withstand both heating foor in a microwave and machine washing

Changes have been made to the chemical composition of Ekoala's plant based bioplastic dishes, thanks to which the products of the new EkoFood series can withstand higher temperatures. All of Ekoala's dinings accessory can be heated in the microwave, but the EkoFood products can also be washed in a dishwasher!

Thanks to the triangular shape of the Ekoala dishes, even the youngest children can put the food on the plate. 

The light but durable cutlery have a convex wide handle, which makes it easier to practice independent eating. 

The triangluar cup is easy to hold with a small hand and its nice to drink from. Thanks to the wide base it also stands more firmly upright on the table. 

Choose sustainably: BIOplastic toys for outdoor and indoor play!

eKubo-building blocks are an environmentally friendly and biodegradable alternative!

eKaboon-is a versatile toy for both indoor and outdoor play. The colourful cups can be stacked into a tower or nester inside eachother. Plus, they make great drums! The product can also be used as a sand toy or in bath games.

eKorace is a BIOplastic toy that is safe for the child and does not release microplastic into the environment. eKorace balls are suitable for many games. Use your imagination and create exciting tracks.

Soft and chemical free plant-based cashmere

Plant-based cashmere is a unique textile fiber that is made from pine wood plup. In order to protect the environment, cultivated trees are used as raw material and harvesting aims for normal pruning. 

The special molecular structure of plant-based cashmere makse the fiber soft, light and highly absorbent. This product becomes softer in the wash!