Mr & Mrs Tin robots are intended for you who value toys made by hand with passion and love. Mr & Mrs Tin products are also for collectors who want to leave their collection to their children and grandchildren.

The tin robot is a retro toy from the 50s and 60s, which in its simplicity delights both as a decorative object and as a toy. You can get the robot to move with the key that comes with the tin toy. 

Mr & Mrs Tin products are handcrafted in the small Chinese HaHa toy factory in Shanghai. Only 2,000 of each robot is produced worldwide, making this tin toy a true collector's item! 

The robot is delivered in a stylish gift package, where you will also find the key and the story of  the robot's birth. In the package you will find the robot's unique serial number.

This product is perfect for both adults and children! Mr & Mrs Tin products are safety tested and meet global safety regulations. Thus, it is perfectly suitable for children over 3 years old. 

"Our goal is to make these vintage tin toys trendy and attractive again, repeating their popularity in the 50s and 60s. We want to show how unique toys are made by hand and how there is a real story behind them. We want to show children the passion and importance of handmade." (Alain De Rauw)

Alain De Raw is the man behind the Mr & Mrs Tin robots. He has worked in the toy industry since 1991 and he might be familiar to you from the PlanToys brand. The inspiring birth story of Mr & Mrs Tin is about passion, dedication and friendship. 

"Since 1991, when I started working in the toy industry, I always had a passion for vintage toys and children products that are made with love, passion and dedication.

I have my own small Toy Museum called #alainstoymuseum based in Belgium, with a rich collection of Tin Toys, other vintage toys, and many books about toys from all over the world.

A very good friend of mine named Jimmy, who had a wonderful toy store in Marseille France, introduced me to the world of Tin Toys. He has a very unique collection at home and most of them were made in Japan and Germany. It was love at the first sight.

Mark Slusarz, another friend from the American company Schylling, offered me a nice collection of Schylling Tin Toys and I was so intrigued I got addicted. Thanks to Mark, I had the chance to visit the HaHa factory in Shanghai, closely observing how those wonderful wind-up Tin Toys are made. I was very much impressed and amazed. Feeling like I was travelling back in time. They are simply part of childhood and history.

The moment I saw them, I had the wish to bring those wonderful toys back to the modern world. I can’t wait to see the great joy in the eyes of children and parents when they play with the tin toys, the same as I had in my childhood. And also to help those small but nice Tin Toys factories having good business again.


When I shared this great experience with a very close friend in China, Erin, who had been working in toy industry for over a decade. We decided to start working together with Mr. Yin, the owner of Haha factory to bring the tin toys back to life and create “Mr & Mrs Tin, where tin toy story begins…again!”

My other very close friend, Miguel Diaz Vizoso woho is a super good comic designer, made our Mr & Mrs Tin logo."