PlanToys is a Thai company that innovatively and responsibly uses rubberwood as its material, which has stopped the production of latex. Their collection includes awardwinning wooden toys that supporgt childrens different developmental stages. PlanToys products are ecological, educational and sustainable. 

Responsible material choises: 
  • When a rubber tree plantation no longer produces latex, it is cut down. PlanToys makes full use of this material. 
  • Instead of poisoning, the wood has been heat-treated to remove impurities such as insects. 
  • PlanToys uses non-toxic glue (E-Zero Non-Formaldehyde Glue) and all colors are vegetable dyes or water-base non-toxic ink.
  • High quality and durable PlanWood is made from grinding rubber from the root to the branches.When the mixture is pressed solid with a mold, the end result is a highly durable and ecological product. 
  • Recycled paper, non-toxic nature-friendly inks and recyclable materials ensure that you recieve your product in responsible packaging.
  • Recycled paper is used in brochures and other print materials. 
Responsible production
  • The wood lefto over from production is used in a biomass generator, which produces electricity for the entire factory and local villages. 
  • PlanToys is a CO2 neutral company. The amount of greenhouse emmissions caused by productions is marked with a carbon footprint sticker on each product package. 
  • All products go through a  strict screening and meet international standards  (ASTM, EN71, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000)
  • PlanToys has planted more than 50,000 trees!