Pogu has been awarded for its innovative reflective products. The products are manufactured using durable and high quality materials. Thanks to the 3M Scotchlite TM technology, a person walking in the dark can be seen from more than 200m away. Pogu's products have been developed to protect the whole family! In their collection you can find e.g. reflective stickers for textiles and reflective products for strollers. 

All Pogu products meet the EN13356 standard.

Pogu protects the whole family!

In Pogus selection, you can find products for the needs of the whole family! They provide protection in the morning on the way to school and work, as well as when going out at nigt.

Reflective stickers work great on, for example, bicycles, helmets and shoes. The stickers are available in black and grey.

Reflective textile stickers can easily be attached to clothes and accessories. In addition, they are glued to, for example, textile parts of the stroller and backpacks. You can get the most durable fastening with an iron.