Affenzahn bags

Affenzahn backpack for school, kindergarten or vacation!

Affenzahn uses recycled plastic bottles in its products. Compared to common production methods, this manufacturing method reduces the amount of wastewater by 20% and emissions by 60%, it also requires 60% less energy. 

Affenzahn products are manufactured with respect for the environment and under fair working conditions. We also know that the end result is chemical free and non-toxic. The products are manufactured in Vietnam.

The Affenzahn backpack has plenty of different pockets; a drinking bottle fits conveniently in the side pocket, you can store a soft toy in the front pocket and your small treasures in the small pockets on the legs.

The ergonomic bag is easy to adjust to fit the child. The padded shoulder straps and adjustable chest strap make the animal friend comfortable to carry. 

Have you tried pulling the Affenzahn backpack by the tongue?

Affenzahn Daydreamer backpacks and fabric badges

The daydreamer backpack is an excellent choice for kindergarten or preschool. The ergonomic backpack has versatile adjustment options, a rain cover and a velcro fabric label.

Cartable backpack for preschool or hobbies!

This backpack fits folders, papers and small books perfectly. The ergonomic backpack is easy to carry and has enough adjustment features. 


The Affenzahn suitcase has two sturdy wheels and an adjustable pull handle. Thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap and the padded carrying handle, even an adult can easily carry the bag if necessary. 

Familiar animal characters also available as accessories!