Doomoo is a Belgian company which is a part of Delta Diffusion. The selection includes nursing pillows as well as sleeping and bathing aids for babies.

Doomoo's goal is to use the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and an even more responsible production chain. Ethical values are important to Doomoo and therefore it works in close co-operation with local factories in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe. Product parts are made  in China only when it's not possible in Europe, this production is also carefully controlled and fulfils the company's ethical values.

Doomoo's products are durable; you can pass them down to little brothers and sisters. If necessary, the filling of the nursing pillows can be changed.

Doomoo Buddy is a multipurpose pillow both during pregnancy and after the baby is born. Buddy helps the expectant mother to find a comfortable position and thus facilitates a good sleeping position. Thanks to its flexibility, it serves excellently as a nursing pillow for bottle and breastfeeding.

The covers of Doomoo nursing pillows are made of 95% organic cotton.

Doomoo Softy-nursing pillow makes it easier to find an ergonomic breastfeeding position. The nursing pillow is shaped according to the baby's body and brings the little one to a suitable height. This helps to relax the parents neck and shoulder area, enabling everyone to have  comfortable meal time. Doomoo Softy is perfect for breast and bottle feeding.

With the Doomoo Softy nursing pillow,  the baby can lie down and sit comfortably.

Comfy Big is a nursing pillow that is also suitable for the pregnancy time. The Comfy Big pillow makes it easier for an expecting woman to lie down or sit during pregnancy. The pillow guides the mother to a more ergonomic position and supports the pregnant belly, keeping the spine in a natural position. 

In the design of the Cocoon Babynest, special attention has been paid to safety. The material under the baby's head is breathable and thanks to the removable belt, the baby stays on its back. Doomoo's sleeping nest can be opened from the bottom, which allows the little one to rest in it until about 8 months old.

This beautiful wooden arch supports the baby's development: it encourages observing, listening and grasping. The contrast of dark and light colours and the colourful ribbons stimulate the baby's sense of sight. The sense of hearing gets stimuli from the crackling leaf-shaped toy and the crackling mountain. 

The Arch Cocoon goes perfectly with the Cocoon Babynest, but is also excellent for playing in the crib or on a play mat.

Seat'n Swing is a comfortably soft seat that can be transformed into a baby's rocking pillow. The seat has a separate removable safety harness cover, which is recommended for babies who cannot sit without support yet. You can change the position of the chair by pressing the microfibre beads inside up or down. You can either create a flat sleeping nest or a comfortable back support for a sitting child. This product is suitable from a newborn up to 25 kilos.

The sleep support ensures a safe sleeping position for the baby; it prevents the child from rolling onto its stomach. The ergonomic baby pillow allows the pressure to be evenly distributed on the little one's head allowing it to form normally and reducing the risk of flat head. Doomoo's selection also includes wedge pillows that make it easier for a child  with a cold to sleep and reduce reflux symptoms. 

Doomoo's selection also includes accessories for relaxing bath moments. Bathing the little one is much easier with the help of a bathing pillow or bathing support.