Looking for a digital camera for kids?

HOPPSTAR cameras encourage children to explore the world! Photography is a creative and fun activity for little adventurers and artists. The cameras give you the ability to capture and print your kids′ photo moments for the future.

The beautiful design of the Hoppstar cameras also appeals to children, and they are available in a variety of colors and designs to help every artist find something to their liking.
Hoppstar wants to use photography to help children express their creativity, sharpen their observation skills and develop fine motor skills. Because of this, the cameras are educational toys and no extra games or such have been added to them.

However, to make sure taking photos continues to be fun, all cameras come with cute filters and frames that kids can try when taking photos.



HOPPSTAR Rookie makes an impression with its stylish design. The large buttons make it particularly easy to use for kids, and the detachable and interchangeable silicone case offers protection while offering enough grip to hold and operate the camera easily. The Rookie camera has popular features like photo frames, photo filters and face recognition. Hoppstar cameras offer kids lots of fun ways to explore their creativity and practice skills. Hoppstar Rookie has 16GB of storage.


The HOPPSTAR Expert camera offers fun, creative activities for kids! The camera has all the features you need to explore the world and create memories: taking photos, an additional selfie camera on the back, 16GB of storage for up to 8,000 photos, and a video camera function. The camera is also equipped with an easy-to-use menu and replaceable silicone covers to protect against breakage.
The Expert camera also has popular features such as photo frames, funny filters and face detection.


HOPPSTAR Artist camera allows you to take photos and print them instantly! In just three seconds, you will have your photo in front of you in black and white. You can color it, pass it on, or just admire it! 16GB of storage for up to 8,000 photos, and a video camera function.
The Artist camera also offers: photo frames, fun filters, selfie camera, video function and much more!


Responsibility and certificates

Hoppstar's supplier has a BSCI and ISO certificate. The products and materials in the supply chain are certified in accordance with EU standards.

1. Short transport routes whenever possible

We cooperate with our production partners to keep the routes of raw materials and product components as short as possible. We try to do the same here in Europe as best we can by avoiding unnecessary routes (double deliveries, etc.).

2. Build and sell products that are of the highest quality, increasing their lifespan and reducing waste.

High quality and the associated long service life. Hoppstar products are built in such a way that they have as long a service life as possible. This avoids bringing new products into circulation, for example through replacement products (and the disposal of the original product), and ultimately less waste is created.

3. We service our products whenever possible, instead of replacing a defective product and simply discarding the original product.

4. Reducing and removing plastic from packaging. To make recycling easier for customers, and there is no plastic packaging.

We remove plastic whenever possible. We have made our packaging 99% plastic-free (except for the window of the Expert model).

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