From Ezimoov's collection, you can find everything necessary for car rides with children. The French company manufactures its products from recycled materials and their goal is to make it easier for families with children to go for  car rides in a high-quality and ecological way.

Ezimoov's packagings are also made from recycled materials.
Monitor your toddlers well-being from the comfort of your own seat!

With the Ezimoov car mirrors it is easy and safe to keep an eye on your child traveling in the back seat while driving. The mirror is easy and quick to attach to all types of vehicles. Ezimoov's car mirrors are made from durable and high-quality materials, the mirrors have also been crash-tested. 

The EZI MIRROR LED with night light is practical while traveling in the dark. The dim LED light is pleasant and does not dazzle. The light can be easily activated with a remote control.

Seat covers made from recycled plastic!

Sand, dirt and water easily get into the car, especially in children's clothes and shoes. By covering the seats you avoid the need to vacuum the car and also reduce the wear and tear of the seats.

In addition to seat covers, Ezimoov's selection also includes covers/organizers for the back of the front seat