Reflective Berlin is a German company that produces stylish reflective accessories. Authenticity, globality, sustainability and quality are important to Reflective Berlin. Their products are suitable for all those who cavort in the traffic; kids on their way to school, little ones in prams and for cyclists of all ages. The company's products are a fun way to improve visibility in the dark!

Reflective Berlin manufactures products from the design to production and at the same time strives to do it as responsibly as possible. In the collection you will find stylish reflective pins and reflective shoelaces and stickers for both hard surfaces and textiles. 

Reflective Berlin's stickers are made of reflective film, which is also used in road signs. Retroreflection is created by small glasses that are attached to a transparent plastic layer and reflect the light back to its source. Perfect reflection properties are guaranteed for 7 years. The printed colors are UV-resistant and scratch-resistant. So they won't fade due to loss of color caused by sunlight or weather.Thanks to the transparent adhesive film, the stickers can be removed and attached either together or separately

Tuning rims is now child's play thanks to the "FLAGS" stickers! The reflective flags are simply wrapped around the rim and glued to themselves. 

This creates colorful reflective flags that look like little cat eyes and increase visibility in a stylish way. 

The reflective shoelaces are suitable for all types of shoes. Thanks to the hard tips, they are easy to thread into place. The laces are durable and increase visibility in the dark. 

1% for the planet

Reflective Berlin is a member of the global movement 1% for the planet, which means that the company contributes to the funding of ecological initiatives by providing one percent of their total annual income for certified environmental projects. More than US$ 360 million has already been spent worldwide on initiatives that are passionate about making our planet a better place.