Kiddex Oy

Kiddex Oy, founded in 2008, is an importer company of responsibly manufactured and high-quality children's products. 

These products that bring joy and shared moments to families can be purchased from our efficient retailers in Finland and the Baltic region.

In all our activities, we greatly value the transparency in product manufacturing as well as mutual trust and honesty. The foundation of our product range is ecology, non-toxic ingredients, safety and standardized manufacturing conditions.

”In our product range, we strive to support sustainable development. It is important to us, that the companies we represent abide by our values. Family and responsibility have always been important themes for Kiddex. ” (Jonna CEO)


We demand that our products reach the expectations for them when it comes to sustainability, fonctionality and materials. 


We believe that sincerity and honesty make the foundation for trust, even in business.

Focus on family

We wish to bring joy and closeness to families in their shared time and activities with oour products.


We want our great-grandchildren and their great-grandchildren to have a clean planet to play and grow on. 

Contact us 

Hankasuontie 8, 00390 Helsinki Finland

+358 44 031 2259


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