Danish Hoppekids offers furniture and textiles for easy and visual decoration. With modular furniture made of pine, you can create a safe and creative environment for your child. The furniture is easy to combine and transforms to meet the needs of the child even as he or she grows.

The mission of Hoppekids is to develop and manufacture comprehensive furnishing sets for children's rooms. The selection includes safe and durable options for both toddlers and older children. The products and textiles can be easily modified to suit the child's preferences, as there is an almost unlimited number of possibilities. 

Hoppekids products are manufactured at the company's own factories in Latvia. The furniture has been tested in several different research institutes and they meet the standards and requirements set for the products.

Hoppekids is also a resposible choise for the environment

Hoppekids invests in product safety and durability in both design and material selection. The material of the beds is duarble FSC®-certified pine wood, which means that forestory works with respect for nature. The products are finished with non-toxic water-based paint.

The Nordic Ecolabel means that the basics of lifecycle thinking and questions related to safety and sustainability have been taken into account in the production of the product. It guarantees that the product has been inspected by experts and a thorough assesment of its environmental requirements has been made. 

Lifetime warranty in all PREMIUM beds!

The premium series offers stylish, safe and durable beds with a lifetime guarantee. The products can be customized as the child or family grows, and in addition, additional modules and textiles give a great opportunity for customization. 

Anton is the first babybed to recieve the Nordic Swan Ecolabel!

The bottom of the Anton crib can be set to two different heights, making it safe for both newborns and toddlers. The crib can be converted into a bed  or sofa, which extends it's lifespan.

Hoppekids MyColor

In addition to traditional white, Hoppekids' Ida Marie and Basic products are also available in several other colors. 

Eco Mattresses are manufactured in Denmark

The center part of Hoppekids Nordic Swan Label ECO mattresses is made of flexible and soft Waterlily® material, which is an environmentally friendly, high-quality product. The mattress is completely hypoallergenic and equipped with air intake channels. This keeps the temperature of the mattress suitable and reduces the formation of moisture and sweating. 

The material of the mattress cover is soft and antibacterial bamboo, which is coated with thermal wool. 

The Hoppekids Storey shelf set is a long-lasting solution!

The Storey set can be modified as the child grows. The shelf is built between two end forks by adding the desired number of shelves or other additional parts. You can get the desired lenght width from the shelf by adding end forks. 

You can also choose a worktop or a bed to go with the shelf. 

Textile sets for decoration

From the Hoppekids textile series, you can choose a patterm that appeals to the child and complemets the interior of the Children's Room. The collection includes mattress covers, bed curtains and decorative pillows. 

Hoppekids textile sets are made of cotton and they meet the criteria of the Oeko-Tex standard.